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Clapping Audience

Motivational Speaking

by Mike Papale

The moment Mike Papale first shared his story with an audience, he discovered an innate passion for public speakingand never looked back. Ever since, Mike has encouraged and inspired thousands of people at events across the country, delivering hundreds of presentations
and speeches to audiences of all sizes.

From conferences to commencements, orientations to corporate trainings, whether your community is comprised of athletes, patients, students, or medical or other professionals...Mike Papale is ready to inspire your audience.

Or scroll down to read about Mike's most popular topics. 


Speaking Topics

While Mike speaks on a variety of themes, his most popular speeches center around his deep gratitude for life, and the profound lessons he has learned through survival, growth, and following his inner compass.  

Though suggested audiences are below, any group can gain inspiration from what Mike has to share. 

Live Your Best Life 

Ideal for: Graduations, Students Transitioning to or from College, Trainees, Athletes, Corporate Audiences & More

Mike’s keynote Live Your Best Life speech inspires audiences of all ages to battle through adversity, become more productive, and truly live life to its fullest. 

Living with Heart Disease

Ideal for: Cardiovascular Associations, Cardiac Patient Groups,
Healthcare Companies, Medical Professionals & More

Against a million-to-one odds, Mike survived sudden cardiac arrest at age 17 and has been living with a heart disease diagnosis ever sincelearning to battle its inherent physical and emotional challenges along the way,

Mike's experience adjusting to how to live a long, normal life with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) will resonate not only with the HCM patient and medical community, but with broader cardiovascular, pharmaceutical, and healthcare communities, and anyone grappling with chronic disease. 


Rave Reviews

for Mike Papale, Motivational Speaker

“Mike is an awesome speaker. He grabs your attention from moment one and carries you on his journey through his moving story. He not only successfully motivates every audience member to pursue their dreams against all odds, he provides actual, achievable steps to get there.

I’m grateful to have had him speak at my Hoops for Heart Health foundation dinners and I will be asking him back.”


 Former NBA Player &
  Founder, Hoops for Heart Health

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